2017 Genesis G90 vs. 2017 Mercedes-Benz S 550

Genesis G90 Sedan
Mercedes-Benz S 550

The Genesis G90 and Mercedes-Benz S 550 Debate at Genesis of Dallas

Here at Genesis of Dallas, we feel that information is one of the most important pieces of any successful experience at a dealership. Being informed about the vehicle you may drive and the attributes that it consists of can be imperative, but we believe that it also goes beyond what a prospective vehicle can offer and to what the competition may not be able to. Reviewing vehicles from a comparison lens can provide some context and give you a proper gauge of the quality your new Genesis model is providing. We decided to help elevate your research from this prospective, taking a look at how the Genesis G90 does against a worthy opponent in the Mercedes-Benz S 550.


Is there even such a thing in luxury shopping? That may be a question you find yourself asking, and our answer to that question is a resounding yes! The 2017 Genesis G90 is comparable and even advantageous over the Mercedes-Benz S 550 in a range of different ways, yet comes in at over $28,000 less in total MSRP. That is a significant amount of money to consider saving for a vehicle with so much to offer from a comprehensive luxury standpoint, and we're sure that you will appreciate the savings in a profound way after climbing into the cockpit of a Genesis G90 model for the very first time.

Advanced Safety

Advanced safety technology is important in the luxury automotive world these days, as new modern hazards of the road require more of a complex approach to keep both you and your family safe during commutes. The Genesis G90 take an innovative approach to these confidence-boosting amenities, hosting a number of standard appliances to help you keep a watchful eye on what is going on around you. These active safety amenities include:

  • Smart cruise control with start and stop capability
  • Smart blind-spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert
  • Lane departure warning with lane keep assist
  • Multi-view rear camera system

Considering the starting MSRP of the Mercedes-Benz model and the fact that these technology features are simply options that you have to move up even more to gain access to, it's clear which vehicle's safety you can feel good about.


Living in Texas, it's a given that our vehicles can be expected to heat up, especially after sitting in a warm parking lot for a period of time. This is something that can't be avoided, but can meet a solution. Ventilated front seats give you an opportunity to cool the surface you're seated on in a timely fashion to avoid a hot seat making your drive uncomfortable and sometimes even unbearable. And when you do travel up north for holidays or to visit family, you can pop on some heated seats to adjust to any respective colder climate. So what does this all have to do with the Genesis G90 and its Mercedes-Benz counterpart? These features are standard in the Genesis model but merely more expensive options in the opponent.

Interior Space

Comfort in your sedan can't be skimmed over, as you will likely spend plenty of time commuting, running errands and attending social events in the luxury car you will drive. The Genesis G90 offers more front head and leg room for both the driver and front passenger to remain tranquil and in the moment with each of these experiences, along with more cargo capacity to help keep things as convenient as possible.

Warranty Coverage

It's always important to look towards the future when considering the luxury vehicle that you're set to invest in. Will this vehicle still be under warranty coverage? How long can I expect to enjoy that reassurance? These questions meet answers when taking a look at the warranty coverage of the Genesis G90, which is noticeably longer and for more mileage than the Mercedes-Benz S 550 at five-year, 60,000 mile basic and 10-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain coverage respectively.

Need more convincing? The Genesis G90 is ready for you to test dive here in our Dallas, TX showroom today. Our team would be more than happy to go over this new Genesis with you in complete detail here in person or over the phone.

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